Monday, August 27, 2007

Halfway Home

Currently in Grand Forks North Dakota. 2500km of driving is in the books.
We drove from Vancouver to Calgary on Sunday, and stayed at a friend of my mom's. 1050km in the books Sunday. Up early and on the road Monday morning, 1450km today.

Lots of driving today but we were able to make a lot of great time. It's pretty boring once we got past Calgary....until I was driving this morning somewhere west of Medicine Hat, and a large deer ran out in front of us on the highway while we were going 130km/hr. My super evasive driving skills managed to control the car, while avoiding the deer. My heart rate basically doubled, as I had a boost of adrenaline afterwards...kinda freaky...not knowing what the deer is gonna do. Luckily there were no cars behind me on the road.

The plan for Tuesday is to drive from Grand Forks ND, to Marquette MI. From there, that will leave us with a 10 hr drive or so on Wednesday back to Holland Landing. We'll cross back over into Canada at Sault Ste Marie MI, back into Sault Ste Marie Ont.

Crossing the border into North Dakota today was a bit of a hastle, the border cop asked us a ton of questions...and we thought he was gonna go through the whole car (which is packed to the brim) but luckily we got through without a search!!


BP said...

Thats a lot of driving bud. I'm sure you'll be ready for a couple days rest once back in Ontario.

Who will you be training with back home ? Any plans of taking up a swim ontario card ?
I'm going to keep training solo and buy a unatached card so I can enter a few meets.

BP said...

P.S. Safe driving

Daniel Wells said...


In Marquette MI now (3400km)
Will be back in HL tomorrow night

Don't think I'll get a swim ontario card...kinda tired from the competitive swim scene. I will do a run focus over the summer instead.

I'll be running with my old high school run coach and his current runners, but other than that, I will most likely be on my own for a bit