Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ducks roll as Wolverines suffer worst loss since '68

Being an Ohio St Buckeye fan, the above title is music to my ears.

Michigan coming off a loss to I-AA Appalachian St last weekend, continued to implode by losing to Oregon on Saturday. Now, Oregon is a good team, but UM is toast now. Open the season at#5, and become the first ranked team to lose to a I-AA team.

Sunday brings about the start of the greatest time of the year....NFL football!! (I know the season started on Thurs nite, but this is the true start)

Bills Vs. Broncos on Sunday....Let's Go Bills!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dano, I am a Duck believe it or not. 1986-1989 I am from the Seattle area though so was still always partial to the Washington Huskies...I saw Sonny Sixkiller play in the 70s, long before you were born man :-)Greg