Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OK, I am still here...

Wow, three weeks since I last updated the blog.

A lot has happened since I last updated, I traveled back to Ontario to race (bad) and spend a bit of time at home (good). Back out to Vic now, and we're down to the final 2 weeks or so until the guys depart for Beijing on the 12th of August. I can't believe how close we are to the games starting. I can't wait to watch the Olympics knowing that I have trained with the men's team for the better part of two years now.

The Geneva continental cup was a tough race. I had a good swim, coming out of the water in 3rd or so, in a small lead group of 6 or so. Brian Fleischmann and Cameron Dye got away quickly at the beginning of the bike, ad we never saw them the rest of the day. They ended up with a 2:00 lead off the bike, while our group got swallowed up by the groups behind, forming a group of roughly 15-18 athletes. I has goose bumps on the bike despite it being 90 F out, and once on the run, I had nothing, zero. I pulled the plug at 5km, after hoping that the legs might come around.

Our group of 6 out of the water, losing time to Fleischmann and Dye

After the race, I went camping that night down in Watkins Glen with my sister and her boyfriend which was awesome. A juicy steak over the fire, a few rum and cokes, and some smores!

My time at home flew by, and soon I was back out to Victoria. Our group is all back together now, with Simon, Colin, Jordan back from NYC Triathlon, and Kyle is back from his European World Cup adventures. We've been getting some solid training in right now, highlighted by a motor-pacing workout today in pouring rain. Tomorrow calls for a swim at Thetis Lake, and some km repeats on Lochside.

I'm two weeks out from Nationals in Kelowna on Aug 17th, after which I'll be watching the Women's Olympic race at 7pm PST, flying back to Vic the next morning, and getting pumped to watch the men's race Monday night at 7pm. I can't wait!

After that, it'll be time to do a little change-over on my bike, and to start putting in some longer miles getting ready for Ironman Florida at the beginning of November.

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Lauren said...

That looks to be one perfect s'more you are diving into. Only a true master could have made that!