Monday, September 22, 2008

Over the Weekend

A good weekend of training in the books.

Saturday started out with 4.5hr of riding. Up the Malahat, down to Shawnigan Lake, two loops around the lake, and back home. 30 min run off the bike.

Sunday was a 90 min run. In the afternoon, the snowbirds were performing over the Juan de Fuca Straight and there were roughly 20-30,000 people out on the shores to watch the show. A nice sunny day, perfect for watching the air show. The sights and sounds were amazing!!

Monday brought a 4km swim in the morning, along with a 3hr ride with Jasper, Steveo and Mike. I'm trying to pack up most of my stuff, and get it off to Greyhound to be shipped home. I fly back to Ontario in a week.

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