Friday, November 26, 2010

Triathlon Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence

Later on today I'll be flying out to Quebec City for the weekend to partake in Tri Can's 25th anniversary banquet on Saturday evening.

The guest list of who will be in attendance is an all-star cast of triathlon in Canada to say the least:

The Puntous twins (Sylviane and Patricia)
Joanne Ritchie
Peter Reid
Lori Bowden
Dan Murray
Mark Bates
Andrew McMartin
Paul White
Sue Schlatter
Mike Stirling
Simon Cassidy
Sharon Donnelly
Carol Montgomery
Simon Whitfield
Colin Jenkins

and I'm probably missing many more

It should be an amazing weekend, I've never been to Quebec City, it has so much history, and with snow on the ground, it should be beautiful.

Here is a link to Triathlon Canada's press release on the event.

I'll update next week with pictures and stories from the weekend.

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