Sunday, May 04, 2008

Catching up on training

Thursday morning we met down at Dr Rob Hasagawa's house for a 45' ez run where we warmed up for a lil bit and then he guided us through some specific running drills. We did a lot of key drills with strides, and then we also did some plyometric type exercises down at the water-front, and finished off with uphill bounding (running, trying to maximize hang time in the air). I thought this was a very good run session, as all we focused on was these key drills.

We followed up the run with a 3000m easy swim at Crystal. We were joined by Paul Tichelaar, who is in Victoria until Worlds in early June.

I headed over to the treadmill in the afternoon for the 20/20/20 workout. Right off the bat start out at 9.0 mph for 20 min, then 20' at 9.6 mph, and finally 20' at 10.2 mph (w. treadmill set at 2% incline the whole workout). I was feeling pretty good through-out, until the power went off at Commonwealth 11 mins into my final 20' piece. So I had an un-scheduled 15 break or so there, then finished off the workout once the power came back on.

Friday morning was out swim/bike interval workout again. A short warm-up and then into a tough swim set, total of 15 x 300 as follows:

5 Pull on 4:30
5 swim on 4:15 (3:45's)
5 swim on 4:00 (3:32-35's)

We then went straight onto the bikes for 3' hard, and then 12 x (45" hard, 15" easy). A 50' easy run finished off the day.

Saturday we headed over to Thetis Lake for our first run workout there this year. One loop of Thetis Lake for the warm-up (5km), and then we ran a hard 5km tempo loop (17:47). We jogged down to the Galloping Goose Trail, where we finished off the workout w. 12 rounds of (60" hard, 30" ez). Finished off the day, w. a 2hr ride in some light rain.

This morning we did our motor-pacing up at the Waddling Dog. The workout was single loop, double loop, single loop. The last single loop was a tough Joel really upped the speed on the scooter going up the highway. All in all, a really good workout today. Now it's almost time for our favourite workout of the week....Sunday afternoon swim!!

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Galloping Goose...Waddling dog...
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