Thursday, May 15, 2008

Highlights of the last 10 days or so...

I've neglected blogging for too long, and rather than bore you with 10 days worth of workouts, I'll highlight some of our more "key" workouts from the last 10 days or so

Last Tuesday we hit up Commonwealth for a good treadmill workout. 20' warm-up, then 4 rounds of the following:

3' @ 11.1 mph, 1' ez, 3 x (1' @ 11.4 mph, 1' ez)

I was dripping wet getting off the treadmill, always a sign of a good workout.

Wednesday we did some steady state riding on the Old West Saanich loop, with a 2km hard run off the bike, and a 3hr base ride on Thursday. Friday morning was swim to bike workout at the pool again..

Saturday we met up down at Beacon Hill to run the Harder than Hamish Loop (2km w. a hill in the middle). After warming up, the workout was 5 x HtH loop w. 2:30 recovery. I was able to build through the workout, without falling off pace at the end, which seems to happen.

Loop times were: 6:53, 6:51, 6:45, 6:40, 6:43

Team BAMF before the workout

Starting round #2

Sunday we were up at the Waddling Dog for our usual Sunday hard bike efforts, but Joel had a surprise for us today. Rather than our usual Motor pacing, today we were going to be doing team time trial (TTT) efforts. 4 x single loop. Round 1 we went in three groups of 3 w. 20" in between the groups. Groups were Dano, Connor, Kirsten - Colin, Jordan, Andrew - Simon, Paul, Kyle. The groups ended up coming together on the back side of the interval. Round 2, the groups were the same except for Jordan and Paul who switched groups. We were able to hold off group two a bit longer, with Simon's group catching us all right at the end on the line.

For the third and 4th rounds, we ended up going off in two groups (Dano,Connor, Kirsten, Andrew - Simon, Colin, Jordan, Paul, Kyle). With the amount of horsepower in the second group, Joel gave us a 60" buffer, and we were able to hold them off by 10" or so at the end. The 4th round we ended up with a 50" buffer, and our group was caught right at the end..with Paul catching the draft off a car to zoom by for the line. We finished the day off with our usual Sunday evening swim.

Tuesday was another treadmill workout, this one being a fairly long one!

20' warm-up
3 x 3' @ 11.2 w. 2' ez IBT
3 x 2' @ 11.5 w. 2' ez IBT
3 x 1' @ 12.0 w. 1' ez IBT
5' ez
15' warm-down

This one was a killer for me...I had to grasp onto the treadmill for a few stretches throughout the second round through on the 3' and 2' intervals...

Yesterday we had another hard ride (Broadmead loop - 4km) with a short hard run off the bike.
We went three rounds of 2 laps hard, then straight into a 3km loop of the Bog at effort, and a 2nd loop ez warm-down.

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