Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back to it

After a late arrival back to Victoria Sunday night (9 pm ferry, back home 11:30), it was a bit of a sleep in on Monday morning. We met as a group at commonwealth to swim 3000m easy. A bunch of unpacking, and an easy 60' ride to flush the legs out finished off the day.

Tuesday's training was another recovery day. 3200 m in the morning at the pool as follows.

1000 SKIDS warm-up (swim, kick, IM, drill, swim)
3 X 300 Pull (1-3) w. 30" rest
200 easy
3 X 300 swim (1-3) w. 30" rest
200 easy

AP and I headed out for a 90' easy ride along the waterfront, and met up with Kyle and Terrenzo Bozzone (training in Victoria between Vancouver and Des Moines WC's). I was able to get a 30' massage with Gibson on short notice which was great! The massage is a great aide in the recovery process.

Which brings us around to today's training. Half the group (Colin, Kyle, Simon, Kirsten) head off tomorrow to Des Moines for the richest World Cup race ever this weekend. We swam open water at Thetis, with a big island loop for warm-up, some accelerations, then a small loop moderate. Those of us who aren't racing this weekend continued on with another small loop moderate (though the pace was ratcheted up quite a bit on the second go round)

Andrew, AP and I headed up to the Waddling Dog for some moto pacing with Steve. I can say that my legs still haven't fully recovered, as they felt completely trashed on the workout today.

48' continuous
280 W avg power

A short 20' run off the bike was all that my legs could handle afterwards, followed by a soak in the ocean. Hopefully the legs rebound for tomorrow.

Some photo's from Vancouver on the weekend...Simon came through in the clutch with the win in the last kilometer, and Canada placed 3 men in the Top 7, including World Cup best finishes for Paul Tichelaar (5th) and Colin Jenkins (7th).

3 Canadians in the front group of 7 (Simon, Colin, Paul) that would have over a 2' lead off the bike

AP rocking it on the run (17th fastest run) to finish a WC best 35th

Jenkins running to his 7th place finish

Simon makes the decisive move to break Andy Potts in the last kilometer.

Colin is all smiles with his moolah for 7th place.

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