Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Weekend of Training

Not a lot of volume this weekend, but a key run workout on Saturday.

We met at Thetis Lake, then did the 5km loop for warm-up, before attacking a loop at tempo pace.
Simon took down the old group record by over 20" clocking 15:25 or so. I was happy with the effort, 17:15 which was 40" faster than when we ran the workout before. We then jogged down to the Galloping Goose trail for the rest of the workout...10 X 400 with 60" rest in between. Wow, did those 400's ever hurt.

Colin and I met up later at Commonwealth for an easy 2000m swim to loosen up. I went to head down to the ocean for an ice, but the tide was at its lowest level I'd seen, and the weeds prevented me from getting an ice in.


Easy group ride this morning from Starbucks. We've got a couple of Aussies training with us leading into the Vancouver World Cup next weekend (Emma Moffatt, and Matt Hopper). The waterfront loop, really busy today, lots of people out enjoying the great weather we've had this weekend.
4500m in the pool to finish the day off, some race pace efforts was the main set....didn't feel the greatest in the workout, but got through it.


Anonymous said...

no updates?

BP said...

Dano dominates Sunday's olympic race.
Well done buddy, killer swim split.
What were you on the run ? Online is showing it wrong.

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks BP,

I just posted the report.
The run was extremely long, 14.5km I've heard.