Monday, June 11, 2007

The week that was..

I've been a bit negligent this past week, but I'm back at it now.
This past week was a taper week leading into the Vancouver World Cup. I raced the age group race, as I didn't get into the World Cup. A week of resting up, some light key workouts, and then the ferry over to Vancouver for the race.

The bike had to be in transition on Saturday night, and it was just pouring all day in Vancouver. I had to cover the bike up when I left it there.

My race went off at 7:50 in the morning, and transition closed at 6:45. I came back to the hotel and hung out for a half hour then headed down for my start. I didn't do a swim warm-up as the water in English Bay was roughly 15 C and I didn't want to get chilled before the start.

I had a solid swim, coming out in 17:33. I had a tight fitting shirt underneath my race suit for the cold, and I threw some gloves on for the bike as well. I'm glad I did, as it started to rain a bit on the bike, but I was a tad warm for the bike. Now for the run. It was LONG. from what I've heard afterwards, our run ended up being roughly 14.5km. I ran 50:50 which is pretty good I guess, running without much competition.

Results for our race are on Sportstats.

The men's and women's World Cup races finished off the day, with solid results from Canada.


Gregwh said...

Dano, Great Swim time!

I was in the Vancouver Cup for the AG sprint race, you passed me on the bike coming up the hill from the turn- around. I saw WELLS on your uniform and would have liked to bike with you but you were flying up that hill. I was sort of shocked because I expected to see you in the elite race later. Too bad there was no one there to challenge you...hope it was a good workout.

I could relate to leaving your bike in a transition area in the rain. It was just a little depressing but I did it. I stayed in the English Bay Hotel, close to the start. I wasn't smart like you, I did a "warm up" in English Bay and had a hard time getting into a rhythm during the swim leg. Yeah, the run course was long wasn't it, I think the 5k was actually 7K, I had kicked by a couple people with about 800M to go and barely held on because of the distance. I think the 750 meter swim was more like 1100 too. Makes it race ever goes the way I plan...just adapt and persist.

Was very enjoyable later watching Simon, Paul, Colin, and the rest of your team do well also in the elite races. It turned into great evening for the awards ceremony. The light of victory was shining on Simon. Good times...Greg H

Daniel Wells said...

Hi Greg..

Thanks, and congrats on your podium finish in your race...I saw that the sprint course had a long swim as well...seemed to be a theme at that race!

It's too bad that the nice weather came out as the day was winding down, would have been nice to have that weather all day, it might have brought more spectators out for the Elite races as well.

Good luck with the rest of your season.

Kurt Hartmaier said...

Is this the Dan Wells from running with Nick Tsioros at St. Andrew's College?...I'm pretty sure it is. Long time...I was talking to my friend Scott Seamster who finished a few places behind you this past weekend...he told me some bad ass Cdn who didn't get into the Elite race won the Age Group race big time...I asked him what his name was and he said Dan Wells, from Ontario. Glad to see you are still doin the tri thing and doin well. I was thinkin of coming up to see that race but decided I wanted to chill at home (bad idea). I'm livin in Seattle now and work at RacerMate (makers of Computrainer). Probably see you at some races in the future. Btw - If you still talk to Nick, tell him to send me an email: - haven't talked to him in a while either.

Gregwh said...

Thank you Dano...would be interested to hear what an elite triathlete does after a race. I am going to take it easy (60-90 min easy starting Tues)until Friday, then start in with a hard Portsea Fartlek run. No Worries. Greg

Erin Braun said...

Hey Dano!

Great update on the race, too bad to hear about how long the course was, when's the next one?

Good job!!

Daniel Wells said...

Hey Kurt, you've got the right guy. I've added you on facebook.

Greg, my newest post should give you a good idea as to what we did post race...couple easy days, then we're basically back at it...though I'm not sure on Thursday's training yet. Te recovery after the race is key, that way the body can regenerate and be ready to go.