Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching Up

Well, I figured it was about time that I updated the blog.

Sunday, we wanted to get our workouts done in the morning, so we could hustle back and start watching the World Cup races that started at 11:30am our time.

We started out with a great hill workout, warm-up, then 6 times up the Observatory climb (2.2km) and a warm-down ride back to our place, followed by 5' hard run right off the bike and then 25' easy to finish up.

#1: 8:27 (303 W) stopped when AP threw his chain
#2: 7:16 (317 W)
#3: 7:12 (316 W)
#4: 7:12 (317 W)
#5: 6:43 (347 W)
#6: 6:29 (365 W)

The Des Moines race was such a tough race, very windy, very hot, and very humid. Only about half the field in each race finished. AP, Jordan, Andrew and I finished off the day with 3000m over at Commonwealth after the races.

Monday we swam 5000 in the morning, mainly all aerobic with the main set being 15 X 300 (5 pull w. paddles, 5 PB only, 5 swim) and finished off the day with a 60' easy spin.

Today (Tues) I swam 4400 in the pool:

400/200 warm-up
10 X 50 as 25 fast/25 ez
100 ez
3 X (4 X 100 mid race pace on 1:40, 200 ez) (Held 1:08's)
3 X 400 Pull (1-3) on 5:20 (5:13, 4:53, 4:43)
100 ez

A 50' run with some strides thrown in, a massage with Gibson, and a dip in the ocean.

I also found out today that I got a spot into the Edmonton World Cup this weekend. I'm pumped to race this weekend, I fly out Friday morning, and race Sunday at 3:45 MST (5:45 pm EST). There will be live audio and timing on the ITU website - www.triathlon.org


Anonymous said...

Hey Dano!
Just "catching up" with what you are doing out west. Saw the race results from Vancouver, congrats! Heard the run course was a little long from Britney on Sunday...I thought something looked strange.
Wow, those swim workout summaries just blow me away...and well, all the rest too.
We are thinking about you back here, we have all started to race, group of us were up at Muskoka most just did the sprint. FYI, Mark is still leading the way in the after workout beer sessions! Have a great race in Edmonton this weekend. Sue W.

Anonymous said...

Dano, Tear it up in Edmonton. Greg

BP said...

Own it Dano!
Is this your first WC bud ?

Leave it on the course.