Sunday, July 15, 2007

Geneva Continental Cup

10th place overall, Top Canadian

full results can be found on

I'm home for until Friday morning, when I fly back to Victoria. I will post a race report soon,thanks to Mr and Mrs Jenkins who cheered me on at Geneva. I'll be doing some easy recovery training while at home, as well as 4 days of golfing!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your down time Daniel. You looked good out there in Geneva!

Colin's Blog is a load of "bull" :)

Andrew Russell's Blog said...


Great Race in Geneva!

You looked real solid on the run as you left me in the dust.

Daniel said...
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Daniel said...

Hey dude,
Hows it going Dan, I am Daniel Mok from SAC man. I was just looking at swim times on the web and I found your name, and then I found your blog!! wow man, you are still doing that triathlon thing. That is quite amazing. I just starting to swim again but I can only swim like 600 meter freestyle in 11 minutes. Which is really slow. haha

nice seeing you
Daniel Mok