Saturday, July 07, 2007

Some solid training...

I've managed to put together some solid training sessions this week. Here's a brief breakdown since Wednesday.


We started the day off at Thetis for an open water swim. Main efforts were a couple of big loops around the island, I took my wetsuit off for the 2nd loop (and was given 15 seconds headstart) and tried to stay away from the group. I got caught at the turn around the island, ended up going 15:55 with no wetsuit.

From there we had a good hard treadmill workout in the afternoon.

15' warm-up with a few strides
5 X (3' @ 11 mph/2%, 3' ez @ 6.5 mph)
5 X (2' @ 11 mph/3%, 2' ez @ 6.5 mph)
5 X (1' @ 11.3 mph/4%, 1' off)

Goal is to maintain the same speed (which was our 10km tri race pace) while increasing the incline as we went through it.

A easy 40' run in the morning from my place, then a good motor pacing workout in the afternoon. 2 X 2 loops (17.4km) motorpace, with 5' ez riding in between.

Round 1: 23:33, 294 W, 44.5km/hr
Round 2: 23:30, 292 W, 44.5km/hr

Happy with the efforts today following the treadmill workout yesterday.

Open water swim at Durrance Lake, 9 X 300 (1 start speed, 1 moderate, 1 ez) and a 60' easy spin w. 6 X 30" sprints interspersed .

Two great workouts today. We met at the Starbucks for our bike workout. Broadmead loops today. 3 X (2 loops hard w. 1 loop ez). I was able to hold some decent wattage today, good group effort from everyone.

Round 1: 12:47, 336 W
Round 2: 13:04, 357 W
Round 3: 13:04, 336 W

Jones and I went solo off the front for the 2nd interval, and held off the group for 1 loop (though they say they were letting us sit out there before reeling us in.....but Jones and I are going with the story that we were holding them off).

From there we rode over to the Lochside trail, got changed into our running gear and got ready for the run workout.

15' warm-up
6 X 1 km on 5:30 (3;19, 3:18, 3:09, 3:15, 3:09, 3:18)

Pleased with the run efforts, the odd numbered intervals were slightly faster (net downhill) and everyone ran really well. Kyle, Simon and AP were setting the pace on the front, holding below 3:00 for 5 of the 6 intervals.

The Tour de France started today, this year should be interesting for a number of reasons...the cloud of drug accusations hanging over teams/individuals, and the fact that all starters of the tour this year have signed the UCI charter agaisnt doping.

"All 189 Tour de France riders signed the UCI's anti-doping charter in time for Saturday's opening prologue stage. The International Cycling Union requested that all cyclists sign a charter saying they are not involved in doping and promising to submit DNA samples to Spanish authorities for the Operation Puerto probe. Cyclists also had to agree to pay a year's salary on top of a two-year ban if caught doping."


Gregwh said...

Damn fast 5k Dano. Great effort. You've got speed man. Greg

Anonymous said...

Dano- Good Luck this Saturday! Kick some ass!

Bill K