Monday, July 30, 2007

Gettin Ready...

Nationals are this coming weekend (Aug 5th). I've had some decent training in the past week, and now we'll drop it down, and get ready to race this weekend.

Last weekend we did the Sooke triathlon as a training race. I had a good swim in my new 2XU wetsuit, rode strong on the bike, until Andrew Mac dropped AP and I on a steady long climb, and I came off the bike 1 min down on A Mac, and 20" down on AP. The run was alright, cruised the last bit coming in 3rd overall. We ended the day with a 3km swim at Thetis later in the afternoon for a solid day of training.

Most of our group has been away this week for the World Cup in Salford England, so workouts were small in numbers. Here are a few more workout highlights from the past week.

A great hill workout on the bike, 3 full times up the Durrance Lake road, 3 half climbs, and 3 flat efforts. We've done this workout before, its a good one. I had a couple of really crappy days in the pool, but felt a lot better yesterday when we swam in the morning at Durrance. Good thing we race in the open water :)

Yesterday we also did a good run workout on Lochside trail. A 20' warm-up, followed by 6 X 1km on 5:00. I was trying to run a bit faster than race pace, which I was able to do, but fell off a bit on the last 2 intervals a bit. Still a solid run for me, and the first hard hard run since Geneva two weeks ago. Now my legs remember the hard run feeling, and should be good to go this weekend at Drummondville.

Run Times: 3:06, 3:11, 3:06, 3:16, 3:09, 3:19
It's a bit quicker on the odd numbered ones (its a slight downhill)

The rest of this week is really busy, doing some stuff for 2XU, and getting ready to travel to Nationals.


David Lim said...

I was just wondering what made the difference in your training to get fast. Im 19 and go to university of western ontario, so I was just wondering what kind of things you did to get fast...last race I had 45 year old men passing me on the run...I had a 31min 7km, which is okay, but obviously not good if old men are passing me.


BP said...

Get it going this weekend Dano!
Make the expensive plane trip worthwhile with a little prize money.

Are you heading back to the Windsor triathlon this year ?

Daniel Wells said...

BP, thanks for the well wishes.
Unfortunately I won't be staying on the east coast after Nationals, I've got to head back to victoria as I've got some work stuff I've got to do.

David, I ran all through high school, and continued on with it from there. The best thing you can do is to just build a solid base of running, and then start to en corporate more speed work into your workouts.

The bigger the base, the higher the peak. Build slowly though, you don't want to bump your weekly mileage up too fast..that will lead to injury.

Hope that helps..

Anonymous said...

Danoman- Good luck this weekend!!

Kick some ass!!

Sub 35 min- 10K!!

Keep RdWells away from the beer.

Bill & Shann K