Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Back together

The group is back together now...Colin and Simon have returned from the Ishigaki World Cup. Good results for both of them there (Simon won, Colin was 23rd) as they were at the front in the swim and managed to get into a break-away on the bike. Simon ran like he usually does (fast) and got the win over Rasmus Henning.

Training the last couple of days has gone pretty well. Monday was a recovery day, with no morning swim for me! I had a 90' ride, with 6 x 15" sprints throughout the ride. I started out riding outdoors, but the skies soon opened up, and I scurried back to ride the trainer indoors.

Tuesday we had a standard 5000m swim in the pool in the morning.

600 warm-up
20 x 50 on 45" (every 4th fast) 100 ez
5 x 300 Pull (1-3, then hold 4,5) on 4:30 100 ez
15 x 100 on 1:35/1:25/1:15 (5 times through)
200 ez cool down

Early afternoon, Kyle, Kirsten, Andrew and I headed out for a 3hr base ride. We rode up through lands end up towards the ferry terminal in Sidney. Then back down to the waterfront downtown, and back home. 3hr 10min (93km). A 40' run finished off the day.

Which brings us to today's workouts. 5000m again in the water, as follows

400 mix, 200 kick
16 x 50 on 45" (every 4th fast)
12 x 50 on 50" (every 3rd fast)
8 x 50 on 55" (every other fast)
4 x 50 on 60" (all fast)
400 ez

8 x 200 alt fast(3:10), ez (3:30)
Didn't quite feel as "on" as yesterday in the water....but still managed to hang on to it.

We met later at the U Vic track for a bike and run workout. We ended up doing 4 x 5' hard on the bike, and then Kyle, Kirsten and I got changed and hit the track for some 400's. Felt good riding today, though the legs were a bit heavy from the 3hrs yesterday.

The track workout turned out to be fairly windy on the home stretch of the 400's. After a 10' warm-up, we ran 20 x 400 on 2:00. The first one was a bit off (getting the running legs back) but then I settled into 75's the whole rest of the way. I was happy with the run today, being able to hang on through to the end of 20. Kyle was rocking today...holding 68's basically the whole way through.

Randy Starkman (Toronto Star) has been in town here for the last few days, doing some interviews (including Simon and Kirsten) and such for The Star. He and his photographer were at the pool this morning, and also followed along in the car on the bike. I'm guessing there might be a story on Simon/Kirsten sometime in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled.


Lauren said...

Every other day, eh?
Bootiful 21 and sun here today!


Daniel Wells said... it was a couple days past due...but it's a new blog entry. Better than last time right LR?

Lauren said...

True! Maybe you don't have enough to write about?
How about a blog entry about your new found cable? Just in time for Greys next Thursday! :-D