Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Activities

Well...we got some of the white stuff on Saturday....we met for the run workout at Lochside, and it was really crappy footing, and still snowing a bit, so we headed down to Beacon Hill instead, where it wasn't snowing to run. We did a 4km tempo piece (2 loops of the harder than Hamish loop) and then 4 x 1 mile on the road loop. Decent run today considering the weather. An easy spin later on in the day finished things off.

Sunday was motor-pacing day at up the waddling Dog. 2 x single loop, and then I had a TT piece heading back to home (22 min effort). A total of 75km of riding. We finished off the day with our favourite workout of the week....Sunday afternoon swimming. A solid workout, with the main set 12 x 200 (2 on 2:30, 1 ez on 3:00) SCM. First three rounds were pull, and then final round swim. Got down to 2:13, 2:13 on the two fast ones during the swim round.

Monday was a recovery effort day...3000m swim this morning, and a 50 min run in the afternoon.

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