Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mid Week Training....

Wednesday morning's swim was a tough one.

10 x 200 w. 15" rest as the warm-up with #'s 4 and 8 being fast ones.
28 x 100 as 7 x (1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15). The 1:15 interval was a tough one for the first five times through, until I finally came around a bit and swam a bit faster on the last two rounds.

A run was the other workout for the day, 50' on the treadmill, with the main effort being 10 x 1' "on" 1' "off". The legs were a tad stiff today, most likely from the long ride yesterday.

Thursday morning was an ez 3km swim, 1000 SKIDS, 100 Pull, 1000 SKIDS.
I rode the waterfront loop plus a bit more for my 2hr ride, and had a 40' ez run to finish off the day.

The tail end of this week is a bit easier workout wise, as I'm going to be racing the Times Colonist 10km on Sunday. I'm looking forward to running, hopefully it's not as windy as it was today!!


bob said...

Hi, I was just checking out your blog. I like that you post your workouts.

What does SKIDS stand for?

Daniel Wells said...

Hi Bob...SKIDS is short form for a set we do in the pool.