Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yes...I am alive

I am still here, just a bit of a break from blogging.

I've been up in Victoria now for almost 3 weeks now. The first week back was just some easy regenerative training, and we've had two solid weeks of training since.

I won't go into specifics for each day of the last 2 weeks, just some highlights of training.

We've gotten right into motor-pacing again now, with 1 workout a week up at the Waddling Dog on our 12km loop up there. It's a great workout, zipping along the road at 45-50km/hr. We had a good motor-pace workout this morning actually. Running wise, we've been running Sunday mornings down at Beacon Hill, running our Figure 8 loop. It's just shy of 3km, along wood chip trails. We've also visited Elk Lake for a good 20km neg split run there around the lake (10km loop) and this past thursday we hit the Tim Don special on the track again.

The weather is getting a bit nicer here we got up to 17 C which was a nice change from our usual highs so far of 10-12 C. It'll be a bit of a late night tonite, as the Ishigaki World Cup goes at 11:45pm PST for the men. Looks like I'll be going to bed around 2am. Simon and Colin are racing there. Tomorrow, Rappstar (Jordan Rapp) is racing Ironman that guy ride a bike!!

Alrighty, that's all for now, I'll get back to blogging every other day (or better)


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