Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Airport Reception

There was a large group of people who waited patiently at the Victoria airport yesterday. Patiently, because the original flight from Beijing to Vancouver was delayed 2 hrs, and thus people missed their scheduled connector flights to Victoria.

As it was, the Olympic athletes were coming back to Vic in a couple of waves, with the triathletes (Simon, Colin, Lauren, Carolyn) being on the 5:25 arrival. Joel was stuck in Vancouver for bit longer, arriving 2hrs later I think.

Colin got me a sweet Beijing Hat, as well as a T-shirt! I was pumped!

Waiting for people to emerge

Ryan Cochrane

Carolyn Murray and Simon Whitfield

Simon gets to see PK

Colin signs autographs

Silken Laumann was at the airport, to greet the rowers I'm guessing

A shot of the crowd, about 15 min after people came off the flight

Simon and PK

Colin doing a TV interview

One of the Rowers, no clue who though

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Gregwh said...

When is the parade...? I want to be there. Greg