Monday, August 18, 2008

Race Day!

It's almost time for the Men's race in Beijing. I am pumped to watch three guys race who I've had the pleasure and honour to train with for the better part of the last two years. The guys are going to kick some ass, and leave everything out on the race course, that much is for sure! Here are a couple pics that I took from Joel's flickr account.

I was up in Kelowna on the weekend for Nationals. It was my last short course race of the season. I had a pretty good race, getting into a small group of 4 at the start of the bike, and we stayed away until getting caught on the 5th of 6 laps by a group of 10-12 athletes. The bike was pretty taxing on the legs, luckily the pace wasn't killer on the climbs.
Onto the run, I couldn't get the legs turning over in the first kilometer, but they came around soon after, and then I was able to pick off a couple of Canadians in front of me, and finished 11th overall, and 6th Canadian. I was able to pick up some decent prize money for 6th place, which was an added bonus.


I was able to watch the womens race last night in Kelowna, and it was awesome to see Kathy have a wicked swim, and be in contention in that lead group on the bike. Lauren was involved in a crash on the bike, (breaking her wrist or arm and wasn't able to finish, while Carolyn ran well from the 2nd chase group to finish up as the top Canadian.



j-mo said...

I can't wait :)
Go Canada!!

Gregwh said...

I lost my voice during the last 10 minutes of that one...congrats Dano to your team and the Silver Medal to Canada. &*%$ Yeah!! Greg