Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hard Training

This one will be short, as I'm tired!

Couple of hard days of training over the weekend

Saturday was a 3 hr ride, with a solid chunk of moto-pacing in the middle. I kept yo-yoing off the back on the climbs, until I Joel finally told me to ride back easy.
40 min run with some pick-ups through out.

Sunday was a long hard day. Ride out to Theits Lake (40 min). Open water swim, with a few solid efforts. We rode as a group to the "Beijing Loop", which I have come to despise. It is a 50 min (or so) loop with lots of rollers, and a couple decent climbs. I always get popped on the climb. Ditto for today. 40-45 min of solo tempo riding for me. Ride back home afterwards. Total bike time 3hrs.

Track workout at Oak Bay track. 20 x 400 on 2:00. Holding 75-76 per 400.
Legs are smashed right now. Refueled for dinner at Da Tandoor for some Indian food. Chicken Tikka with a Medium Hot curry and rice. Had a great sweat going, might pay for it tomorrow though!

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