Sunday, August 24, 2008

Various Pics from Kelowna

Here are some various photos from Nationals in Kelowna.

In other news, tomorrow I am bringing my bike in to Fort St Cycles to get the front end swapped out to my IM Florida set-up. I'll post a pre and post comparison.

If you are near the Victoria airport tomorrow, there are a lot of Olympic athletes flying back into town between 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Included in the group of rowers, triathletes, swimmers, and divers are members of Canada's Gold Medal Men's 8 rowing crew, Olympic Silver medalist Simon Whitfield, and Bronze medalist Ryan Cochrane. I'll be up there to give Colin a lift back to his place, so I'll make sure to bring the camera along.

Also, a big congrats to Colin, who got engaged while in Beijing!

Brent and I

Our lead group of 4 (Brent, myself, Sean, and Kalen)

working to stay on up Knox Mtn

Lead group of 15 or so onto the run

End of Lap 1

Lap 3 I believe

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