Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Weather, Good Training

Wow, summer has arrived!!

Fri, Sat and Sunday have been amazing days here in Victoria. It's actually felt like I was back in Ontario! Yesterday the temp was 30 C, with a humidex of 34 C. It's nice to wake up in the morning, and only have to put bike shorts and a jersey on to ride. Making sure you get enough liquid in is the key though.

Monday thru Thursday were basically recovery days following the race on the weekend. Some 3km swims in the morning, and some ez spins and shuffles to get the legs going again.

Friday morning we had a great set in the pool. Main set of 30 x 100 as 6 rounds of (1:35, 1:30, 1:25, 1:20, 1:15). Jenkins and I pushed each other the whole set, holding under 1:13's for most of them. We had a 2 hr base ride with 8 rounds of 2' on/2' off, followed by a 40' easy run.

Saturday was a glorious day, and we met up downtown at the coffee shop for our ride. A solid three hour ride, with 60' of hard riding, then straight off the bike into a fartlek run of 20 x 1' on/ 1' off. The run was a rough one with the heat, and we all made a stop at the corner store on the ride home for some cold cokes!

Sunday morning we headed out to Thetis Lake for our 90' long run. Two loops around the lake (10km) and then the last 45' or so running flat along the Goose. My legs were pretty trashed from yesterday, so 10km of hills was all that I could take. We had a 4km swim at Thetis following the run, and the combo of the awesome weather and the water warming up, allowed us to swim without wetsuits for the first time today. A 60' ez spin finished the day off.

Today was the first day of the US Olympic Swim trials, which run until Sun July 6th. Michael Phelps started the meet off with a new WR in the first event (Mens 400 IM). Actually, both Phelps and Ryan Lochte both broke Phelps' old record.

Phelps battling with Lochte in the final

I meant to post this before the trials started, but I figure that there will be 8-10 World Records set during the US Trials. We've already got 2 WR's on the first night (Mens 400 IM, Womens 400IM).

The other WR's that I think are in trouble are: M100Br, W100Bk, M200Fr, M100Bk, W400Fr, W200Fr, M200Br, M200IM, W800Fr

I don't think Phelps will break his WR's in the 100 or 200 Fly, as I don't think he will have enough competition pushing him, coupled with his ultimate goal of winning 7 golds in Beijing.

Also, the LZR suit for the USA team was unveiled at the Trials, and it looks pretty sweet!

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