Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Balance Half Ironman Pre-Race

The race goes tomorrow morning, bright and early at 6:45am.

We had the VIP reception last night, and it looks like there will be a good battle for the podium on Sunday. Jasper and Andriy are back to race, as well as Stephen Kilshaw (racing his first half), and Trevor Wurtele (who was 9th at Boise 70.3). Hopefully I can get out of sight and out of mind on the swim. Should be a good one.

For those of you with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning, there will be live timing updates on the race found here. The splits will be updated after the swim, bike, and then at the finish.

There is also the Des Moines World Cup happening tomorrow. It's a $700,000 prize purse there, yet there are only 31 women and 39 men on the start list. Prize money goes 15 deep on each side, with the winner bringing home $200,000 and a lexus I believe. In addition, there is a swim prime of $5,000 to the first male and female out of the water. Live coverage can be found here, with the women racing at 1:30 CST, and the men racing at 4:30 CST.

Des Moines Prize Money:
Place Amount
1. $200,000.00 + Lexus
2. $40,000.00
3. $25,000.00
4. $15,000.00
5. $12,500.00
6. $10,000.00
7. $9,000.00
8. $7,000.00
9. $6,000.00
10. $5,500.00
11. $5,000.00
12. $4,500.00
13. $4,000.00
14. $3,500.00
15. $3,000.00


Anonymous said...

Good luck Dano! We will be watching!!

Run like Katie!

Bill, Shannon, Katie and Roxy.

track_star said...

good luck tomorrow!! I look forward to seeing the results and reading a race report!

Anonymous said...

Dano...a top 10 finish and i will courier a 2-4 out to you.


Daniel Wells said...

Thanks for the well wishes...

Bill, maybe I should have made the blog post a bit clearer...all the big $$ is down at the Des Moines World Cup.

I'd have loved to get a crack at the $5,000 swim prime at the World Cup though :)

The half-ironman has $$ to the top 3 guys ($1000/$500/$250)

Anonymous said...

Dano - just checked the results.
Look at your Mr. Wells - a solid
3rd. CONGRATULATIONS - you so deserve that result.
I hope you have more great results in your races.
June Jenkins :)

CoachCT said...

congrats Dano

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks everyone!