Thursday, March 13, 2008

Catching Up on the Week That Was....

It's been a busy week thus far...the hours are certainly adding up, and it should be a good solid week of training.

Monday was a recovery day from the weekend. We swam early in the morning; jumping in at 7:30 to swim 4000m (I can't remember what we did though). We ran through some core work afterwards, then headed over to do a hot/cold session. The rest of the day was spent doing some laundry, and squeezing in a 90' easy spin.

Tuesday morning I headed over to the gym to get in a 50' easy run before swimming. We swam later on in the morning (11:15am) as the Japanese teams had the pool booked beforehand. Swimming later in the morning like that is a bit different, as it makes the rest of the day seem rushed a bit, as we don't return from the pool until 1pm or so. This morning was 4000m again (which was a nice surprise) with 1000m warm-up and then 30 x 100 aerobic on 1:35 just rolling through.

Later in the afternoon we headed out for a 2hr base ride. Colin, Kyle and Paul headed out to climb up Snowbowl, while Jordan and I opted for a flatter route along Lake Mary (62km). We followed up the base ride with a 30' easy run off of the bike. We headed out along the Urban Trail, as it's now run-able the whole way (the spots in the shade are melting now).

The highlight of the day was dinner at Olive Garden. Colin, Kirsten and I headed over for some good food (and unlimited bread and salad :) ). It was a great meal, and once the bill came, Colin said that his mom was picking up the tab, which was awesome! Thanks again Mrs Jenkins!

Wednesday was our long run day for the week. I hit up the treadmill for 90'. The first 45' were easy, building into a steady pace for the final 45'. I threw in 4 x 5' with an increased elevation (4.5% as apposed to 1%) over the final 45' to simulate some hills. Total distance 11 miles.

We headed over to the pool for an endurance themed workout....500 warm-up, 3 x 500 Pull (1-3) 5 x 300 (1-5) on 4:30, 15 x 100 on 1:30. I finished off the day with a 90' ride along Lake Mary road (47km). It was pretty windy for the ride, with a nice headwind coming back into town.

And it finally brings us to Thursday's workouts. Another morning at the treadmill, this time 50' easy again on the treadmill (10km). The swim workout today was a 800m warm-up, followed by some strength based sets. 8 x 50 w. paddles or using resistance, followed by 100 fast, 400 ez. We rolled through that 3 times. An aerobic 1000m pull set finished off the workout.

It was a quick turn-around today, as we had 45 min to eat and get ready for riding once we got back to the hotel. Today's ride was hill reps, with a new hill off of Lake Mary Rd. Once up easy to get a feel for the road, and then 4 times at effort. Afterwards, we met up with Joel to collect our run stuff as we headed out for 50' run right off the bike, with 40' of fartlek and 10' of easy running. We ran along the Sinclair Wash, a lil bit of mud and a few streams to run through made for a fun run!!

No new photos this week...I haven't had my camera out for workouts...


Reinhold said...

Hi dano
Pleas can you tell me more about your Wed -Tredmill session?

thanks and have some nice Day

Daniel Wells said...

Hi Reinhold,

Wednesday's treadmill session was basically my long run for the week, and coach Joel wanted some hills thrown in as well.
The first 45' I started out easy, and built into a rhythm on the treadmill (running at 1% incline to simulate running outdoors). In the final 45' I did 4 sets of (5' at 8 mph with an incline of 4.5%, and 5' at 8 mph with 1% incline) to simulate some hill running.

Hope that helps.

Reinhold said...

Hi dano again!!
yes thats help
Thanks for you note
your Team do a great Job!!