Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last Day in Flag, and the Drive North

Saturday was our last day in Flag and also my 28th birthday. We did the group ride in the morning again, followed by a 30' run off of the bike. Maybe because it was my birthday, I rode my best ride of the camp, hanging into the group and the way back, and feeling strong. Figures on the last day I'd feel that way.

Runnin off the bike

Later that night we went out for dinner at Picazzo's pizzeria, which was a good way to end the camp. From there it was on to the Pay N Take downtown, where we met up with Paul Brinkmann for beers. Paul was nice enough to cover all our beers....Thanks again Paul! Let me tell you, their beer selection there is second to none! Over 100 different beers.

Simon and Paul

The beer fridge at Pay N Take...MMmmm

Sunday morning I hopped in the truck to begin the drive back up to Vic. On the road at 630am, and I made it into Oregon before calling it a night after driving 16 hrs (1750km). I slept like a log that night, and up and back on the road at 5am Monday to try and catch the Port Angeles ferry at 2pm later that day. Ended up I wasn't going to make the ferry, so I continued up through Seattle to the border and decided to take the ferry from Vancouver (every hour departures). Had a 60' wait to get across the border, which wasn't too bad. Got back into Vic at 6:30pm, unloaded the van and then dropped Kyle and Colin off at the airport for Mooloolaba.

The Peace Monument at the border

This week is just some easy recovery workouts until Friday morning, when we'll start back with structured workouts.


Anonymous said...

You're a good team mate Dano.

Nice to see you arrived home safe and sound.
Mrs. J.

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks Mrs Jenkins,
It was no problem taking them to the airport...what's another 40' of driving!