Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Weekend of Training

A typical weekend here in Flagstaff.

Saturday started out with the local group ride again. We rode out towards Morman Lake, which is the usual route. A good ride, I tried to throw a couple of accelerations in before the large group sprints, and we stopped at the general store roughly halfway through for nourishment. The ride back I ended up in a group of 4, and had a chance to get some solid riding in for a stretch of 20-25km or so. A bunch of pulls on the front into the wind kept the legs burning, though it would have been better to try to hang on to the front group. Still a good solid stretch of riding for myself. A total ride of 100km or so, in roughly 3hrs.

We finished off the day with a tip over to the gym for a 60' easy run on the treadmill. The legs were a bit stiff for the first 30', but they came around in the back half of the run.

Sunday morning we headed over to the gym to run, as it was a bit chilly outside at 8am.
After a 10' warm-up, we ran a building hour long set, starting at 8.0 mph, building every 10 minutes to 9.5 mph. I was glad when that hour was over, my HR was at 185 for the last couple minutes at 9.5 mph. A total of 10.5 miles today on the tready.

We've got a swim later today at NAU, most likely a pull set.

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