Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Weekend of Training

Here's the last 4 days of training...

We started out with another swim/bike morning at the pool. Onto the bikes after the main set, for 5' hard, 2' ez, then 10 rounds of 30" hard/30" ez. The bike went well today, however I felt like ass in the water. Couldn't swim at all. The main set was 2 rounds of (2 x 100 on 2:00 FAST, then 8 x 100 on 1:40 best avg) I was struggling to move through the water, barely able to hold onto 1:18's the 2nd round, which is about 8 seconds slower than where I should have been.
We had an ez 90' spin later in the day, which I did on the trainer.

The Flagstaff group ride again. A fairly large group today, despite the nasty weather that greeted us. A storm was starting to blow through, so we had some strong sustained winds during our ride (40-50km/hr). This made for a lot of fun on the ride!! I had a couple of solid efforts on the way out to the lake, but on the way home my legs were fried from the week, and I just ended up cruising home with Paul from Pay N Take. We ran 30' nice and ez off the bike once we got back to the hotel.

Getting some food in

We headed over to the gym in the morning for the treadmills as it was COLD outside due to the storm. We ended up getting a couple of inches of snow over the day into Monday.
We warmed up for 20' and then had our main set which was 4 rounds of 3-2-1 with 2' ez in between each. The speeds got quicker as the intervals got shorter. We shot another video of the training which Colin edited and posted on his blog. The video is pretty cool, check it out.

We finished off the day with 5000m in the pool. A 2000m set focusing on strength swimming with the paddles on, followed by a pull set to finish off.

As you can see, we were in a rush to get in the pool

A nice recovery day. 3000m ez in the morning at NAU, and that was it for the day. A legs off day, which I think I needed!

For more photo's check out Joel's Flickr Page


Anonymous said...

Dano - the "masterpiece" won't play in the Landing .... SIGH - so sad :(

Daniel Wells said...

It should work...it's working on my end

j-mo said...

works for me too.. and its pretty damn cool!
i'm liking the updates.