Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Swimming World Records

Some interesting news out of the pool in the last month or so. Speedo has unveiled their new suit (LZR Racer) in advance of the Beijing Olympics. Based on the last 4 weeks (13 World Records), there are going to be a LOT of World Records being broken in Beijing. The suit claims a 5% reduction in drag...which is massive in the pool. I can't wait to see what Michael Phelps will do in this suit!!

The Science of Sport Blog has a couple of interesting posts on the new swim suit.

"For those who've missed the story, in the last 39 days, 14 world records have been set in the pool, and 13 of them have been in the newly designed swimsuit by Speedo. Claims of 5% less drag, water repellant fabric, an "internal core stabilizer" which helps the swimmer maintain form towards the end of the race, and what are called "low-drag" panels where the flow of water is greatest have been made to explain what must be one of the more remarkable periods of record setting in the sport."

Read the whole article here

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