Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Madness! (Updated)

It's the best time of the year.....March Madness!!!

Unfortunately, St John's didn't make the tournament again this year....and neither did The Ohio State University. Hopefully SJU gets back soon. I've got UCLA over Kansas in the final. I'll try to figure out a way to post my bracket on here.

Training wise the last few days have gone well. The workload is a bit lighter this week, as Colin, Kyle and Paul are prepping for the first World Cup of the year in Mooloolaba Australia.

Tuesday we swam 5000m in the morning, with a bunch of resistance work for our first set (swimming with an 8 inch parachute behind you = really hard). The 2nd set was 3 x 800 Pull (1-3) where I was able to get down to 9:30 on the last one. We had an hour base run along the Urban Trail, and a 90' spin to finish off the day.

Wednesday we swam 4000m in the morning, and in the afternoon we did some specific prep work for the guys going to Mooloolaba. There is a great hill here that simulates the Mooloolaba course pretty accurately, so we did 5 loops (up and over, and back up and over X 5) to simulate the bike course, followed by a quick transition to 10' hard running back up the hill and 10' easy.
My heart rate was sky high over the tops of the climbs (high 170's) but felt good running off of the bike.

Today we swam 3km easy in the morning, and we've got a track workout in the afternoon. I'm spending the time in between watching some of the Madness. We left the hotel at 12:45 to jog over to the track for our workout. The main set was 15 x 400 on 2:00 as (2 at triathlon race pace, 1 faster). There was a pretty decent wind for the homestretch of each 400. I held 79's for the race pace efforts (3:18 km pace) and hit 71-72's for the fast ones (3:00 pace). I'll take that at altitude. Here's another video from sqwracing. Check it out.

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