Friday, March 07, 2008

Wed, Thurs & Fri

A busy three days, but a solid three days of training.

Wednesday a bit of a cold front moved through, with the high for the day 4 C, but there were some decent winds making it a bit cooler. We started out in the morning with an aerobic workout in the pool. The main set consisted of 9 x 400 (1-3). #1-6 were pull, and the last 3 were swim. Later in the day, we headed over to the Lowell Observatory to do some hill reps. 45' of warm-up and one journey up to the observatory to see what we were climbing and then it was time to start the main part of the workout - 5 reps up and down the hill. It was approx. a 1km climb to the parking lot at the top, with the steepest sections right at the beginning.

The legs didn't seem to want to co-operate today, and I struggled up the climb 5 times. After the hill reps, we met up with Joel to get our run stuff for a 40' building run. This run was Joel decided we'd run up and down a hill for the 30' of effort, and then we had 10' easy at the end of the flats, before bundling up again to ride home. We headed out for dinner afterwards, but first we had to endure a cold shower, as the hotel's hot water wasn't working!!

Thursday was a bit of an easy for a tough run workout on the track.
We started out the day with a 40' easy run on the treadmill....and then headed over to the pool for a recovery swim. 3000m with some pull and fun with some toys.

Next up for the day was the Tim Don special. 32 x 200 on the track - 3 on 60" 1 on 90". It turned out to be a good workout, I didn't fall apart as in previous attempts, and held 36-38's depending on the wind. I'll take holding a 3:08-3:10 km at altitude right now.

Today's workouts are almost over. We had early pool time this morning (7:30 instead of our usual 9:30 here in Flag). We brought our bikes to the pool, as we were doing 2 x 10' hard effort right off the end of the main set in the pool. 3 rounds of (3 x 100 on 1:40 hard, 3 x 300 on 4:30 threshold). I was finally able to put together a good full set this morning, and felt pretty good on the bike as well. Afterwards, we headed over to get some hot/cold in again. All that's left for today is a 90' easy spin.

Joel has posted some photo's from the hill reps and the Tim Don special.....I just can't figure out how to add them to my blog's not working.


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