Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on the LZR suit

Some more headlines that the suit is generating:

"The NCAA has decided that the competitors will not be allowed to use the suit at this weekend's men's Division I Swimming and Diving Championships because of accessibility issues."


2 more World Records set today in Australia..

Here are the new World Records since the middle of February. I'm sure many more will continue to fall through the spring and early summer in the lead-up to Beijing. The US Olympic Trials are the first week of July, not sure whether they will allow the suit or not. I'm thinking they will.

16/02/08: 200m backstroke - Kirsty Coventry (ZIM) 2:06.39
17/02/08: 50m freestyle - Eamon Sullivan (AUS) 21.56
17/02/08: 100m backstroke - Natalie Coughlin (USA) 59.21
08/03/08: 50m backstroke - Hayley McGregory (USA) 28.00
18/03/08: 4x100m freestyle - (NED) 3:33.62
(Dekker, 53.77; Kromowidjojo, 53.61; Heemskerk, 53.62, and Veldhuis, 52.62)
21/03/08: 100m freestyle - Alain Bernard (FRA) 47.60
22/03/08: 400m medley - Stephanie Rice (AUS) 4:31.46
22/03/08: 50m backstroke - Emily Seebohm (AUS) 27.95
22/03/08: 100m freestyle - Alain Bernard (FRA) 47.50.
23/03/08: 50m backstroke - Sophie Edington (AUS) 27.67
23/03/08: 50m freestyle - Alain Bernard (FRA) 21.50
24/03/08: 50m freestyle - Marleen Veldhuis (NED) 24.09
24/03/08: 400m freestyle - Federica Pellegrini (ITA) 4:01.53
25/03/08: 200m medley - Stephanie Rice (AUS) 2:08.92
27/03/08: 50m freestyle - Eamon Sullivan (AUS) 21.41
27/03/08: 100m freestyle - Libby Trickett (nee Lenton) (AUS) 52.88
Canadian Trials begin on Monday in Montreal, and no one there will be allowed to wear the LZR, as the supply of the suit is short, so not every competitor will have access to the suit. My old club (Newmarket Stingrays) are sending 8 members to Trials.


Brian said...

Interestingly, Eric Hayden injured his back whilst doing a photo shoot wearing the new Speedo suit.

Hopefully, he's fully healed for Beijing...

Brian said...

Sorry, Brent Hayden. Not Eric!