Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A bit of slacking on the Blog Front....

OK, I got an instant msg today, letting me know that it was Wednesday...and still no blog update!!

So, here it finally is, 4 days worth of activity to catch you up on.

Sunday we ran in Sabino Canyon in the morning, 70 min in total (16km), with a circuit of hill repeats thrown in as the main set. It was 6 times a loop that Joel had mapped out, 90" of hard uphill running followed by 90" or so or downhill recovery running, that we ran 6 times. A good strength workout.

We headed over to the U of A pool to swim in the afternoon. It was yards again (Yeah!) and we put in 5000 yards, a mixture of swim, pull, and some pace 100's.
600 swim, 600 Pull Neg Split, 6 x 100 on 1:15
400 swim, 400 Pull Neg Split, 4 x 100 on 1:15
300 swim, 300 Pull Neg Split, 3 x 100 on 1:15
300 swim, 300 Pull Neg Split, 3 x 100 on 1:15

The Texas women's team was still there, and swam after us today. I managed to snag a Texas swim cap from their coach....Hook Em Horns!

Monday we were back at the University, as Fort Lowell pool was closed because it was Martin Luther King Jr Day here in the US. 5000 yards this morning, though I can't quite remember what the workout was. I remember that we did a couple sets with the "Power Towers" which are basically a pulley system that you lift up a large pail of water as you swim (a good strength workout!!) We did a 2hr base ride in the afternoon, spinning the legs out. 60km in total, basically the same route as we did on Friday.

Ready to use the Power Towers

Power Towers in action, as we swim across the pool, we lift the buckets up

Tuesday was a full day of activity, starting with a trip back to the pool (this time at Fort Lowell, which means LCM).

400,200,2x100 IM
12 x 50 (alt build, ez)
2 x (3 x 200 on 3:00, 3 x 50 on 60, 250 ez)
Got down to 2:20 or so on the 200's....felt good in the water today
1500 aerobic pull, negative split
100 ez

We then headed out for a ride at noon, with the goal of 3hrs or so, including a climb up Mt Lemmon. Jordan and Kyle set the pace on the front, riding really well. I just put my I Pod on, and settled into my own rhythm, I wasn't going to get caught up trying to ride above my limits this early in the year. I stopped at mile 11 and rode back home with Kyle. I was 57.5 min this time, week 1 was 62 min. Most of the group rode to mile 14, with Sean, Paul and JonnyO riding to mile 18.
A 40 min easy run in Sabino Canyon with Kyle ended the day (9km)

Climbing Mt Lemmon

Looking down Mt Lemmon

And it finally brinigs me to today's training. 5000m this morning in the endurance set this morning.

300 swim, 200 kick, 300 swim, 200 kick
12 x 50 (every 3rd fast) on 50"
4 x 800 w. 30" rest (2 pull, 1 PB only, 1 swim)
200 easy

We headed over to the Wash at noon, for our weekly fartlek workout.

2 rounds of (2x90 secs w/ 90 secs, 2x60 secs w/ 60 secs, 2x30 secs, w/ 30 secs, 2x15 secs w/ 15 secs) It was a good opportunity to get the leg turnover going, which was really tough as I was feeling leg heavy from the climbing yesterday!! An hour easy spin later in the day brought the day to a close.

Our group here in Tucson....(L to R) Joel, Jordan, Simon, Colin, Sean, Dano, Kathy, Paul, JonnyO, Andrew, Kyle)


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Hey Double D,

I like your blog and the photos as usual. Thanks for writing!

What's your race schedule looking like?


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Thats right your got an instant msg!

Check this out Look at # 4!!!!!