Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tucson Training Camp 2008

I'm here in sunny Tucson Arizona for our three week base camp. This'll be a short blog entry, as I'm limited with the internet right now.

The whole group was together this morning ready to go on the pool deck. It was a balmy 45 F, as we converted the pool over from a 25 yard set up into a 50 meter setup, and then hopped in.
4800m later, we were finished, picked up some groceries, and headed home. We also got in a 60 min run in the Sabino Canyon on some wicked trails, and a 90 min easy group ride to end the day.

Tomorrow we're back in the pool at 7am, and I think we're riding later in the morning. We'll see what the day brings.


jameson said...

I am stoked you are posting again! I followed along all last year and am looking forward to another one.

j-mo said...

What, no Ohio State update? Isn't there a big game that they were supposed to play soon ??? hmmm...

Daniel Wells said...

Ohio St??
Did they play a bowl game?
I didn't really see them show up to play this year :)

I'll let the recap of the BCS title game pass, at least they beat Michigan for the 4th straight year.

Daniel Wells said...


Glad you enjoy reading the updates...I'll try to keep the updates coming daily! All the best with your training.