Thursday, January 31, 2008

Recovery Week

I'm back home now in Ontario....and it's a recovery week.

Just some short easy swims, bikes, and runs this week. It'll be a nice change for the body after three solid weeks down in Tucson.

Here are my totals for the 21 days in Tucson.

Swim: 75km
Bike: 850km
Run: 205km

The weather for the next 24 hrs looks pretty crappy...they are calling for 20-25cm of snow !!

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Gregwh said...


What is your take on Obama? What is the buzz up there? He is half Kenyan so, with training, he can outrun Bush in a 5k. :-) Seriously a lot of people here are inspired by his position. Greg

" I might be skinny, but I am wirey, don't mess with me." Obama Texas Feb 2008