Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hump Day

Another busy day of training today, which started out like most mornings in the pool.

4200m for me this morning, and I'm happy that I am starting to feel better in the water, and should be back up to my normal self in a few days.

1000 SKIDS (swim, kick, IM, drill, swim)
16 x 50 on 45" (every 4th one fast)
12 x 50 on 50" (every 3rd one fast)
8 x 50 on 55" (every other fast)
4 x 50 on 60" (all fast)

5 x 200 (odds Pull w. paddles, evens 50 stroke/50 free)
200 warm-down

Home for some food, relax for the rest of the morning, and get prepped for a 70' fartlek run to start the afternoon off. We drove down to the dried up river (or wash as it called here). 35' warm-up, some stretching, drills and strides...then into the meat of the workout.

30",60", 2', 4', 4', 2', 60", 30" with half the previous interval rest time in between (ie, 15 " rest after the first 30" interval). My right upper quad was a bit tight today, so I backed off the efforts a bit today, don't want the leg to get out of control.

We finished off the day with an easy 60" group spin. The legs are a bit fatigued right now, but I've got some dinner in me now, and just relaxing and getting ready for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a bit lighter compared to the last couple days....95' long run in the morning, followed by a 3000m recovery swim in the afternoon.

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DS said...

Hey Dano,
good to hear your back training again. I look forward to hearing about your training.