Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jumping Right In


Day 2 of the camp has come and gone, and today we got right into the swing of things.

We started out in the pool, with another 5000m, highlighted with a main set of (5 x 300 Pull (1-5) followed by 5 x 300 swim (1-3). Back to back 5km days took it's toll on me today, as I was hurting towards the end of the workout. I figure this first week will be enough to get accustomed to the rigors of 5km workouts.

The main workout of the day was a 2hr 35 min ride (73.5km). We rode the 20km over to the base of Mt Lemmon, and it was decided that we would ride to the 11 mile mark of the 25 mile climb.

17.5 km
62 min total time climbing.

I'm sure we'll be venturing the whole way up pretty soon.

Here's a map of the whole climb

A 40 min run with Simon, Kyle and Jordan, finished off the day. For the run, I decided to test out my new Nike + I Pod attachment that I got for Christmas. It was cool to run, and be able to see how far we had gone, just by looking down at the screen of my I Pod.
We ended up running 36 min, and run an easy 7.5km.

I'll get an entry up in the next few days with some pictures, I promise!

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