Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday and Tuesday Training...

Bit slow with the blogging recently...So I've got two days of workouts here.

Monday was a bit of a rest day, as we swam in the morning, 4000m in total, though I can't really remember what we did. From there, we had an easy 90' base ride as a group. We headed out towards Bear Canyon, did a lil loop over there, and headed back. It was really windy out, which made for a fun ride, trying to hide from the wind.

And the best news of the day was the fact that we've now got internet service in our unit. After a couple of phone calls, I had to drive up north a bit to get our modem, which ended up being a 90' trip, but it was worth it!

Tuesday brought a morning group ride in downtown Tucson. The group was not that big (we made up half the group) but it was still a tough ride. 62km in total. It was the first hard effort of the season on the bike for me, and I definitely felt it when the pace picked up! We had a good ride, with everyone regrouping at the top of Gates Pass, which is pictured below.

Colin ended up getting a flat just as the pace picked up this morning, and it was no ordinary flat. Check out the gash in his tire below (he had to put a powergel inside his tire to get back to the van to grab the spare wheel).

I ran for 45 min in Sabino Canyon, and then we swam 4000m to finish off the day. Feeling a bit better in the pool, as the stroke is almost there. 800m warm-up, followed by 3 x 500 Pull, 100 ez, 5 x 300, and 100 ez.

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