Saturday, January 05, 2008

In a couple of days, I will be getting away from weather like this:

and heading down to weather like this:

Monday, I'll be flying out of Buffalo bound for a 3 week training camp in Tucson Arizona. It'll be good to hook up with the group again, as they are all flying in the same day from Victoria and other areas. The camp will be a solid base camp, putting the time in. We'll be swimming most every morning, and riding and running on the numerous roads and trails around us. The picture above is the start of the 40km climb from Tucson up Mt Lemmon. I'm sure we'll be making the trek up once or twice.

The blog will be updated daily again come Monday. Stay tuned.


jonnyo said...

you suck.... it s tuesday and no update. I m questionning your commitment as a athlete....very very very desapointed!!!!

Daniel Wells said...

Shouldn't you be out training on the roads of Las Cruces Jonny??