Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday and Friday....


We headed out to Saguaro National Park for our long base run. We had a planned 95' run. I ended up running 75' (15.5km) as my leg was hurting me, so I cut it short. The trails we ran on in there were pretty awesome....a mixture of single tracks, sand, crossing river beds, and some short hills. Luckily Sean, Kathy and I had a map, our we might have gotten lost.

We finished the day off with a 3000m recovery swim over at Fort Lowell pool.

300 swim, 200 Kick, 300 swim, 200 Kick
400 swim, 4 x 100 (stroke/free)
300 swim, 3 x 100 (stroke/free)
200 swim, 2 x 100 (stroke/free)
200 Kick


A sleep in day!! We weren't in the pool until 10am, when we headed over to the U of A pool to swim today. was yards again!! I think that pumped me up for the workout more than anything. Yards and I just go well together.

400 swim, 200 Kick, 2 x 100 IM
24 x 100 as 6 x (1:25,1:20,1:15,1:10)
200 ez
3 x 300 Pull (1-3) (3:40, 3:20, 3:07)
100 ez

I ended up getting down to 58-1:00 for the 4th 100 of each set, so the swimming is coming around finally, I think.

We ended the day with a 2hr base ride as a group. We headed out and rode through Bear Canyon, and then down Old Spanish trail. The pace was prolly a lil bit faster than a base ride, but done and done. 67km ride in 2 hrs.

Tomorrow morning is the Famous Tucson Shootout Ride. Should be interesting.

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