Thursday, January 10, 2008


Today we had the benefit of sleeping in an extra hour or so this morning.
We don't have pool time on Thursday mornings, instead we get it in the afternoon.

We headed out at 8am in the van, destined for Saguaro National Park for our long run. The run was 75 minutes for most of us, with Kyle and Jordan running 90 minutes. We ran in smaller groups, and I ended up running with Bechtel the whole way. We stuck to the paved road that looped through the park. It was a tough loop!! 8 hilly miles, we ran past the van, and went a little bit further to get our 75 minutes in. Some of those hills were pretty steep, it made for a good challenging loop. I think we may ride that loop on our bike a couple times.

75 minutes

We finished off the day with a recovery swim at the pool at 3pm.
3000m as: 1000 SKIDS (swim, kick, IM, drill, swim), 2 x (300 pull, 3 x 100 non-free) 8 x 50 (2 breakout, 2 drill) and finished off with 200 kick, and 200 easy.

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