Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to Victoria

It seems like just yesterday, that I flew back to Toronto for my dad’s birthday, as well as to pick up more stuff I would need out in Victoria. 5 nights sure can go quickly.

It was great to be home, see the family, relax a little bit, while still getting some training in. We had the whole family up on Saturday night, and each night I was home was a great dinner….stuff I wouldn’t do out in Victoria!

I’m writing this aboard Air Canada, high above somewhere over Canada. I’m now back to Victoria for the summer, and looking forward, and feeling refreshed, to some great training coming up.

Later on today, I’ll be moving into the place that AP and I are renting out, two rooms in a basement, fully furnished, all ready to go, and only minutes away from the ocean for easy access to ice baths post workout. I’m told the water doesn’t get much above 50 F or so.

April looks like it will bring a couple of running races (Vancouver Sun 10km April 15th, and the Times-Colonist 10km in Victoria April 29th). I’m looking to start my triathlon racing in the month of May.

I hope to get some pictures up of the new digs, and of the ocean nearby.

I’ll leave you all with a big good luck to THE Ohio St Buckeyes who are battling the Florida Gators tonite for the NCAA title. Time for some payback from that football title game.

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Dan -- did you get my email by chance?
Scott Curry