Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting Organized and Settled

Well...I've now been in my new digs in Vic for a week now. The first week was kinda a wash, due to my sickness, so I wasn't able to get much accomplished. I've been trying to get organized in the last couple of days, as I've felt better.

We had an easy 3km swim over at Commonwealth pool. Caught up with Ironman Canada Champ Jasper Blake there, it was great to see Jazz...the nicest guy you'll ever meet...and pretty talented to boot! I headed out for a 40' run over through Mt Doug which is really close to us. The run trails there are supposed to be pretty sweet. I stuck to the lower trails, didn't want to get lost!

Monday was also a big day to get things. I had a $50 gift certificate to Great Canadian Superstore, so I headed a bit out of Vic to Langford to get some stuff from there. Amongst my purchases: a bunch of bulk staples that I'll need for here, an ice pack, extra pillow, and some other groceries.

This morning was a 5km swim down at Crystal. Kyle, Simon, and Colin swam 3000m then headed out to pack their final things and then off to the airport for the flight to Ishigaki.
The main set this morning was three rounds of the following:

4 X 100 mid race pace effort on 1:40 (held 1:09-1:10) 200 easy
We then finished off the 5000m by doing 2 X 800 pull neg split with 60" rest in between. Felt good in the pool, which was a first in about one week!

Andrew and I then headed down to Beacon Hill park for our run workout.

20' warm-up, followed by 6 X 50m strides to get loosened up.
It was then into the main effort, a double loop of the figure 8 loop at tempo. Felt pretty good running this morning, I think this will be a good benchmark figure for future workouts on the loop. 9:30 for the first loop, 9:39 for the second loop, so pretty consistent.

From the run workout, I drove Kyle up to the airport, so that he could catch his flight to Japan.
A second easy 30' run was the last workout of the day.

Next on my list to get done, is to get a new seatpost for my bike, and get rocking on that.


DS said...

Mr. Wells, I so happy to hear you and AP are moved in and ready to rock. This is the best place for both of you. I think you will really see a difference next year when you come off the bike with the lead group and hammer the run with Colin. Keep training hard dude.


P.S. My Dad just called and said him and the guys are going out tonight and having a beer. He said he was going to drink one for you.

Daniel Wells said...

Thanks buddy...I'm loving it out here. Tell your dad that we will have to have a beer together at some point this year!!