Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally some Pics are up....

The stairs we walk down every day to ice in the ocean 400m from our place

Chillin in the'll notice the toque on to stay warm...

View to the right on the beach in our cove..

View to the left from out in the water...

View from the stairs...

Well...I've finally posted some pics. These were taken this evening when AP and I headed down to ice in the ocean. The beach was at low tide, normally the water level is about 10 ft higher up the's pretty cool.

Today turned out to be a solid day of training. We met over near Royal Roads University for our long group run. We (Kyle, Simon, Adam, Colin, Andrew and I) headed out along some trails and into the Royal Roads trails. We retraced some of the route from the Gut Buster a few weeks ago, a solid run, some decent hills, 90' in total.

Back home for some breakfast, and then AP and I headed out for our 90' ride with 10 stomps interspersed throughout. We rode the seaside trail loop, down along the waterfront, and through the downtown core and back home. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of people out enjoying the sun.

We finished off the day in the pool with 4200m.
After 1000m of warm-up, it was into the main set: 4 X 800 - broken up in various ways

1) 20 X 25 (3 fast, 1 ez) 100 fast (1:03) 200 ez
2) 10 X 50 (3 fast, 2 ez) 100 fast (1:04) 200 ez
3) 6 X 100 on 1:30 mid race pace (1:09-10's) 200 ez
4) 3 X 200 (1-3) on 3:00 (2:33, 2:24, 2:07) 200 ez

Felt good in the pool today....everyone is swimming really well...makes for good workouts everyday....gotta be ready to swim every workout.

Totals for the Week:

Swim: 21,100m
Bike: 269 km
Run: 96 km


Aili said...

Awesome pictures Dano !!!
Can't wait to visit Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures! Be Hard Core...wade in up above your sack. Hey Hey.