Sunday, April 15, 2007

One Late Night....

Well....the rain was gone for Saturday, which was great news, as we had almost a 4hr ride on tap.

We met at Pac Sport, and 9 of us headed out for the ride. I knew straight off the bat that it was going to be a rough ride for me. My legs just weren't very responsive. The ride itself was awesome! We headed out along the coast, and up towards East Sooke. Craig met us there with the car, and he was sporting some cookies for us! I grabbed a coke that I had in my bag in his car, which helped for the ride back.

Once back home, I had a 20' run off the bike. The running legs felt a lot better than the riding legs did!

Ride Stats:
198 W

Now comes the long night. The Ishigaki World Cup started at 9pm our time.
AP and I sat in front of the computer from 9pm until 2am following the Women's and then the Men's race. It seemed like it there were some tough conditions....and after chatting with Colin, it was really windy on the bike as well!

Lots of great results from the Canadians ! Jill and Kirsten started the day out with an 11th and 12th place finish. Jill had a great swim coming out in the Top 5.

The men started at midnight our time, and it was a great race. Colin led the field through 750m, coming out of the water in 4th place. Paul and Simon also made it out of the water in the top 10. A small group of 3 athletes got off the front on the bike, with a group of 15 forming behind it.
Simon and Brent McMahon battled to 8th and 9th place finishes, while Kyle and Colin both cracked the Top 20.

Canadian Women:
11th Jill Savege
12th Kirsten Sweetland
20th Kathy Tremblay
26th Christine Jeffrey
DNF Carolyn Murray
DNF Lauren Groves

Canadian Men:
8th: Simon Whitfield
9th: Brent McMahon
17th: Kyle Jones
19th: Colin Jenkins
DNF Paul Tichelaar

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