Friday, April 06, 2007

Still Fighting...

Well...It's Friday, and I'm still battling my head cold. It seemed to get a bit worse the last day or so. I didn't go swimming this morning, instead lying in bed resting. I'm feeling congested, and feeling a lot of nasal pressure. I'm also feeling pretty lethargic, I'm hoping this goes away soon!

Right now I'm watching live streaming on my computer from of Amen Corner at The Masters, which is my favorite golf tourney of the year. Pretty neat feature.

Now, on to the training from the last few days.

Wednesday morning turned out to be a short recovery type swim for the group. We covered 3000m which was nice, as I wasn't feeling great swimming.

The main workout of the day was a motor pacing effort on the bike, followed by a hard 3 km run off the bike, and then a 3km easy warm down. This was my first time doing the motor pacing, and I wasn't used to the methods of rolling through and where to work hard, and where to let off. I tried to mimic what Colin was doing in front of me, which seemed to help. I was feeling like I had no energy on the bike, and got dropped halfway through the loop. I rode the rest of the loop solo. This happened on the second and third loops as well. The run off the bike felt alright, better than the ride that's for sure.

Thursday morning was a pyramid type main set in the pool. Again I felt like crap. 5000m in total with the main set being 100,200,300,400,500 all getting progressively faster. Then a 200 easy, and repeat again. I couldn't wait for workout to end.

Anyways, that's all I've got right now...the weather out here has been great...I know all of you in Ontario don't really want to hear that now!

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