Thursday, April 12, 2007


Our group is gone now to Japan, so it's AP, Andrew, and myself. Over the next few days, we'll be joining in for workouts with some of the other groups here at the NTC.

AP and I had a swim at Crystal this morning, 5000m in total.

600 warm-up
16 X 50 on 55" every 4th fast
8 X 400 w. 30" rest. 6 pull, 2 swim
400 warm-down

Later in the day, we hooked up with Pat Kelly's group for a good bike workout. We did a loop out along W Saanich Rd and the workout was 4 X 12' hard effort, with 4' easy in between efforts.
Legs weren't quite there...and paid a price on the hills as a result. Power numbers dropped off as well (though each interval was never the same, so power #'s should be a bit different) (317 W, 299 W, 298 W, 276W). Once we were back to our place, I had a 20' run off the bike.

Thursday was a big run day for me. Day off swimming (which was nice). I met Adam at Pac Sport at 8:30 and we headed out for a 60' run. It's been great weather here for running lately, the air's a bit crisp, and the scenery is awesome! Adam took me on some cool trails out near Camosun College. A quick stretch afterwards on the pool deck, then home for food.

Next up was a 75' ride with 8 X 20" stomps throughout the ride. I ended the day with my second run, which ended up being 50'. That was my first day of two longer runs, I could definitely feel it in the second run!

I was also able to suck it up today and take the plunge into the ocean for a soak. I made it the full 10' today in the ocean. The first 2-3 mins are the hardest part by far. As tough as it is to get into the water, my legs will thank me for it!

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