Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been a bit slow with the postings....

OK, for those of you that read this daily, sorry for going 5 days without posting! Here's a recap since Sunday of training.

After sleeping in a bit after the late night of watching the WC, I headed over to Commonwealth to do my long run. I opted for the treadmill to take some of the pounding off the legs. 11.5 miles, 90 mins. Felt pretty good running, had the tune going, and watched people in the pool.
Later in the day was our swim back at Commonwealth. Today was a buoy swim. We took the lane ropes out for the 4 lanes that we had (LCM) and suspended 3 big orange swim buoys that are normally used in races. We swam roughly 2000m practicing turning around the buoys, good practice, was a bit tough with the number of people we had though...but it'll simulate races.

A pretty uneventful day training wise. Monday's are usually our east/recovery type days. 3400m in the pool, just rolling through, get it done.
I had an appointment with Dr Rob Hasagawa (a great chiro/ART guy here in Vic). He's going to have his hands full with me!
I headed up to the airport to pick Kyle up after his long trip home from Japan. Ended up waiting around for an hour at the airport as their flight from Vancouver was delayed. An easy 75' ride with stomps ended the day.

We had our whole group back together today, with most of them having woken up early Tuesday as they were still trying to get off of Japan time. We swam 4000m with the main set looking like this:
2 X (3 X 400, 6 X50 alt drill, swim)
Felt pretty good today, cruised the first round, and got down to 4:42 for the final 400 swim.

Next up I had a bike fit at Fort Street Cycle. While in Flagstaff, both Simon and Jordan suggested that I should get onto a zero off-set seat post, as it would put me in a more aggressive riding position. So, that's what I had done at Fort Street. In addition, we lowered my stem by 10mm or so, and put a shim between my cleat and shoe on each shoe. This will help my knee track properly while I'm riding. Looking forward to seeing how this feels after a few rides.

Andrew and I had a run workout down at Beacon Hill in the afternoon, 3 loops of the figure 8 loop at tempo effort. I felt good on the first loop, and then my hips locked up on me on the second and third loops.

4500m long aerobic in the pool this morning. Main set was 3 X 800 (easy, med, fast)
Not the greatest feeling in the pool today, but got through the workout. We had Lauren Groves back in Vic today as well, and she's training with us now as well.
Group ride was next up, starting at noon. We met at the switch cross road, and AP and I rode through 15 min of rain to get there. No one else got wet. Weird. Anyways, 2hr 50 min base ride, couple of decent hills thrown in. 78km touring around Vic, with Simon as the Tour Guide.
An easy40' run later on completed the day.

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