Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Monday was pretty uneventful. Monday's seem to be our active rest type of day. 3000m in the pool in the morning, and a 60' spin in the afternoon. AP, Colin and I went to see Fracture at the movies today. We had free movie passes from boxes of Oatmeal Crisp cereal. The movie was alright, a bit slow."

A good swim this morning. 5000m in total, with the main set being 2 X (2 x 100 race opening speed on 2', 8 x 100 mid race pace on 1:40). I felt really sluggish on the first time through the set(1:06's for the first two, 1:10's for the 8), and we all took of the drag suits for the second round.
Somehow I felt better on the second go round. I guess I swam through the sluggishness. The second round was 1:04's for the openers, and Simon and I worked our way down to the last 4 holding 1:05-06's. Felt good.

From there we headed down to Beacon Hill Park for our run workout. 40' easy base running to start out, then we regrouped for 2 loops on the Figure 8 loop at tempo. This week was way better than last week, though Simon, Kyle, and Colin negative split the run and I didn't. I ran the first loop in 9:10, and the 2nd loop in 9:20, so the running is coming around. Two weeks ago my lap times were 9:30, 9:39. This was a bit easier with the guys to run with.

A 2 hr ride ended off the day of training.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw the movie "Hot Fuzz"... great English humor. A little over the top at the end, but funny as hell. I think you and your tri group will like it. Keep up the good work.