Saturday, April 21, 2007

Three Good Days of Workouts....

Well...we're back into the swing of things again here in Vic. The workouts are starting to pick up now, and we're starting to back the workouts up (which is something I'm gonna have to get good at).


Thursday are now a day off of swimming for me, and instead, have become double run days.
A 60' run this morning, nice and easy from my place down to Mt Doug a bit through Mt Doug, and then back home to my place.
I had a 60' easy ride, in which I left from my place, and ended up over at Commonwealth pool, where I did my 40' run off the bike on the treadmill. I'm starting to do my second runs on the treadmill as it takes some of the pounding off my legs. While at Commonwealth, I also took advantage of being there and had a nice soak in the hot tub, and then iced my legs in the ocean when AP and I got back to our place.
I also had an appointment with Dr Hasagawa today, he said I'm looking better, just gotta keep doing my little exercises everyday to strengthen my stabilizer muscles in my feet and hips.


Back in the pool today. 5000m in total, with 1000m warm-up, and the main set being 12 X 300.

4 X 300 Pull w. paddles on 4:30 (held 4:00's)
4 X 300 Pull Buoy only on 4:15 (held 3:55 or so)
4 X 300 Swim on 4:00 (3:50,3:45,3:45,3:40)

Our second workout of the day was a key run workout up at Thetis Lake. We did our warm-up on the roughly 5km loop, then it was a loop at tempo effort. The loop is a good one. It's more of a strength loop, with lots of up and down sections. I felt pretty good, a bit tight, but ran pretty well I think. Colin and I were 17:55 for our tempo.

From there we jogged down to the Goose trail, where we continued the workout with 10 X 400 on 2' mapped out on the trail. The odd numbers were run on a slightly uphill grade, with the even numbers being a bit quicker coming back on the slight downhill. I held 1:10-11's on the odds, and 1:06's on the evens. I was happy with the times at the end of the workout. A total of 17km including our warm-up and warm-down. Simon was flying on the 400's. To give you an example, on our third to last one, he cranked out a smoking 54! I felt like I was flying, and I ran 1:04 for that one.

A nice long soak in the ocean later on in the evening to sooth my sore legs. One of these days I'll bring my camera down to the ocean with me to show the beauty of the cove where we ice.


Another double run day. 40' this morning once I woke up. It was good to get a nice easy 40' trot in this morning. The legs were really sore from yesterday, but I kind of ran out of it by the end of the 40'. It was so peaceful out running this morning, I ran a couple loops near the ocean, simply amazing.

We met at the Starbucks at 11am for our group ride. We were minus Kirsten this morning, as she has come down with an infection in her big toe from Ishigaki. No running or riding for a couple days, as she let's the antibiotics do their work. We told Kirsten where we were going to ride, and she said we'd be going right by her place at the end of the ride. She promised us she'd make us some cookies for a snack.

We headed out and up the peninsula towards the Highlands. We rode by the airport, and up and around Sidney. Sidney is where the ferry comes in from Vancouver. From there it was back towards Vic. We swung by Kirsten's place, trying to figure out what type of cookies she had made. Turns out she didn't have time to make us any, but she did have some Hershey's Kisses for us....which hit the spot!

3hr 2 min
185 Watts average

From there, AP and I headed straight over to the pool. AP had a swim he had to fit in, and Colin and I had a 40' run off the bike we had to get done. Legs were stiff for the first 5 mins or so, but I quickly ran out of it. 5 miles on the treadmill. Done and done for the day.

I'm now sitting here having finished a nice chicken stir-fry, watching some racing under the lights. That's right...NASCAR. First race of the year being run under the lights at night. I love how everything is 3 hrs earlier on the Left coast!!

Tomorrow brings a 90' long run, a 90' ride with Stomps, and a hard 4km swim to finish the day.

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kirsten wasn't too busy to make cookies she just doesn't care...she actually ate them all before you came...